The copyright of all images shown on this page is owned by M. Feuerbacher.

This page contains some illustrated documentations of repairs that I have performed on my cameras. Please note that I do not claim their completeness or correctness. Furthermore, I do not take responsibility for any damage on your camera when you follow these instructions. You do everything at your own risk. Please consider my legal page.

The contents of this page will be updated from time to time. I (try to) document any further repair procedure I carry out and will post the corresponding text and images here. I should quote the camera repair forum, because this is where I have collected many instructions and hints which allowed me to perform the repairs.

Before you follow any of the repair procedures please read the complete article to the end before you start.


Yashica Lynx 14 E: Light metering problems
A set of images of the lens-barrel innards and the shutter of a Yashica Electro 35
Pad replacement in a Yashica Electro 35
Konica Auto S2 overhaul
Locating the potentiometer in an Olympus 35 RD
Olympus RC repairs
Aires 35 IIIL shutter surgery
Konica Auto S overhaul
Leicameter MR4 disassembly
Agfa Super Silette overhaul
Leica M4-p (and other Leica M models) top-cover removal
Leica MP (and other Leica M models) top-cover removal and exposure-time adjustment
Infinity focus calibration
Measuring exposure times
Repairing a dented filter ring