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Yashica Electro 35

by M. Feuerbacher 2003

The well known and commercially successful Yashica Electro series was produced over more than two decades starting from 1966 with the Electro 35. These solid metal cameras have fast f/1.7 45mm lenses of high quality. While the first series had a "Yashinon lens" the later models had improved color corrected lenses for the upcoming color films at the time. A black model ("Professional") with identical features was simulateneously marketed.

Please have a look at the articles on the later models

Electro 35 GT
Electro 35 GSN

Unfortunately my example of the Electro 35 was unrepairable (for me) and I sold it for parts. On top of that I also forgot to take good pictures of it. Therefore I include here only some snaps of the lot it was sold with. (The other rangefinders seen are a Canonet QL17 GIII, a Canonet 28 and an Agfa Super Silette.)

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