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Yashica 44 LM

by M. Feuerbacher 2011

Twin-lens reflex (TLR) for quadratic 4x4 images on 127 film, built around 1960. Its design strongly reminds of the Minolta Miniflex. It has a nice Tessar lens and a built-in Selenium light meter.

Inserting film and initializing the counter is a bit quirky: It works as follows:

  • Open back door, insert film on upper spool, fondle film end in lower spool, close back door.
  • Open small window on back, spool film until '1' appears in window.
  • Set film counter: push the button above the advance knob to the left and simultaneously press the button in the advance knob. The counter will jump to position '1'.

The counter now should advance normally when you change to the next frame. You can turn the advance button by one frame, then it stops automatically. You can realease it for the next frame by pushing the button in the advance knob. The shutter has to be cocked manually (using the lever under the right thumb).